Our team helps customers gain operational excellence and ensure global agility and bottom-line success by implementing Fusion Global HR, Payroll and Benefits modules. We assist customers in streamlining business processes to increase employee productivity and ensure that your workforce is properly maintained and rewarded.

Global HR – Our experts help customers in managing critical workforce information, consolidate core business applications, achieve global reporting needs, eliminate redundant secondary systems, reduce system maintenance cost, reduce a risk of managing uncontrolled data, and achieve data integrity by implementing Fusion Global HR module.

Payroll – Acuity, as a business partner, helps customers reduce payroll cost by implementing Oracle payroll, a system that provides control over all aspects of payroll operations in a multinational environment, reduces cost by enabling a single rule based engine for payroll operating under different legislations, minimize reconciliation effort, and streamline administration by reducing data entry time.

Benefits – We work with customers to address the diverse and complex requirements of evolving benefits practices and government regulations. Whether it is an individual plan or a complex, flexible benefits plan, our team implements Fusion Benefits module for our customer to meet their organization goals and take advantage of Oracle’s Benefits robust functionality.

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