Experience matters when you are choosing a long-term partner. Our Services Team members are experts and well regarded in the Oracle HCM cloud community. Experience allows us to share proven and best practices – we know what works and what doesn’t to complete your project efficiently and on budget.

Given that Acuity is a relatively new company, we’ll share a few statistics to demonstrate our vast, collective experience with implementations and project work. Read more…

Methodology Overview

Adherence to our project methodologies and delivery standards are a key differentiator of Acuity project managers and consultants. Our proven methodologies ensure that your projects, no matter how big or small, are managed at the highest quality. Most importantly, our project managers and consultants lead our clients to project success by approaching discussions and decisions in a logical manner to ensure there is no re-work or fatal mistakes. At the same time we execute each phase, we monitor risks, quality, schedule and budget. We strongly believe that planning is imperative for every project. Learn more…

Remote Services

We understand that change can be difficult, including considering that you may not need your consulting partners on-site with you day in and day out. The truth is, with the SaaS solutions offered today, there simply isn’t a need for 5-day on-site consulting services. All configuration and meetings have the capability to be handled virtually. Why spend the money on having consultants on-site as a part of your budget, when you could spend that money on value-added services to better your business? Think of us as a virtual extension of your team. We execute tried and true practices to ensure superior remote services. More…

Data Warehousing

The concept of data warehousing is to create a permanent, secure and central storage location for the various data sources needed to support the company’s analysis, reporting and other Business Intelligence functions. Acuity supports exporting and consuming of Oracle HCM Cloud entities to data warehouses saving our clients time, money and human resources. Read more about the Key Benefits of a Data Warehouse.