End User Support

We offer an 8×5 electronic support service for businesses who are utilizing cloud based software (software-as-a-service). Our intention is not to replace existing vendor support, but to supplement support and provide assistance to your user base. There are no limits on how many people use our support services, unlike limits that may be imposed by other vendors.

We receive and respond to tickets for the users of your software. End users may be anyone who performs functions from within your software (i.e. a manager who is requesting a hire through your recruiting software). External users include people accessing your website or interacting with your software from outside of your company (people not employed by your business; i.e. a candidate applying for a job). We have an 8 hour response target and a 48 hour response guarantee for support tickets.

Embeddable Widgets

We provide clients with a widget that is embedded in the company website or careers site to make it easier for end users to receive support. We also provide a hosted mini-page to link to and from the SaaS product to make it easy for end users to get help. No hosting options?  No problem – we can do that for you too.


Our custom knowledgebase allows users to receive resolutions to their problems immediately, without having to wait for someone to respond to them. The Knowledgebase is ideal for end user self-help.


We allow users to chat with a support agent about their tickets. This provides a way for users to communicate in real-time with Acuity agents without having to wait for an email response.

Phone Support

End users can call us for phone support using our toll free 800 number with our email-chat-phone packaged offering.

Support Portal

Your end users will have access to the Acuity support portal via a website widget or directly through a custom branded portal we provide to you. This portal provides users with the ability to search the custom knowledgebase, open tickets, view and manage tickets and get the help they need quickly. Your support portal will be fully integrated with the Acuity hub providing access for us to read and respond to tickets real-time.

Support Portal Features:

  • Your users who open tickets can view and manage all tickets from one central dashboard, which is accessible anytime. This allows users to view ticket history easily and access answers to questions they’ve already been asked.
  • Your company administrator will have access to all tickets at your company.
  • Our support portal is optimized for mobile devices. Open a ticket, read and respond to tickets from your smartphone or tablet.
  • We gather user feedback with a one-click response on every ticket closed.
  • A full history of every support chat and phone call is kept within the ticket. We encourage you to drop in and listen to our calls and read our chat sessions.


With our optional reporting package, you will receive standard reports on a monthly basis which summarize your ticket trends and our performance. Our reporting service can be very powerful to help optimize your system configurations, business processes and efficiencies. Never wonder if you’re getting value out of services. Analyze and share these reports with your C-suite to validate budgets and/or gain new resources to optimize your systems to their maximum potential.

Trial Pricing

Using our long-term experience with HCM systems, we evaluate your support audience and needs to present you with appropriate trial pricing. You are never locked into a long-term contract.

Built-In Optimization

We evaluate all incoming tickets and present you with optimization suggestions to streamline your processes, lower ticket volume and lower your cost of end user support.