Talent Acquisition

Acuity has helped small, mid-size and large customers reduce overhead, integrate recruiting with other HCM modules, streamline hiring processes, and maximize the use of their recruitment tools with Oracle HCM Cloud Taleo Enterprise and Business Editions.


We help customers automate their recruiting process, provide talent intelligence, utilize social networks, integrate with HCM solutions and comply with fair hiring practices and laws.

• Match internal and external talent to open positions
• Hire better people faster using multi-tiered screenings and assessments
• Ensure a consistent, scalable, and fully legal candidate selection processes

taleo recruiting
taleo sourcing


We help to optimize and enhance customer employee referral processes, social media job distribution and candidate application experience. Using Social Sourcing will enable customers to utilize their employees’ referrals and contacts to gain access to a talent pool they would not get from third party recruiting avenues.

• Increase employee referrals and run recruitment marketing campaigns using social media
• Persuade passive candidates to join your talent community
• Track and report on all social recruiting activity


We assist customers with streamlining their onboarding processes so that every step in the process automated and people are held accountable. Less time spent on paperwork and more time spent on employee engagement equals cost savings, increased retention, and faster assimilation.

• Create personalized portals for new employee information and forms
• Check up-to-the-minute onboarding status for new hires
• Ensure new hires have access to the right knowledge and training

Taleo Business Edition


We develop exports of data via spreadsheet, reports and dashboards for customers who want easy access to data. By offering integrations, we can also help you remove the multiple touch process you may have in place today by moving data to and from your HCM systems to Oracle Taleo.


We help customers automate their performance process by providing more than an online tool for a one-time annual review process, but a year-round tool for all their talent management needs. From keeping employee information up-to-date across modules, providing a communication tool for tracking employee performance throughout the year, and tracking the development and career desires of the employee, to communicating company goals which allow for the employee understanding of how they impact the bottom line, assessing the employee on both their soft skills and quantitative measures, and finding the “needle-in-the-haystack” for the next potential successor.

Performance & Goal Management

• Guide and support users with information at their fingertips to help complete evaluations
• Capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of your employees
• Executive insight into how your organization is tracking to performance tasks and target ratings
• Robust integration with Compensation for your pay for performance needs
• Provide visibility into your organization’s strategic goals to ensure alignment across the business
• Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals
• Support goal achievement and promote collaboration by leveraging social communication