Talent Management

Acuity assists clients in increasing efficiency in all phases of talent lifecycle including planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation and talent reviews by implementing Oracle Talent Management modules.

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Acuity helps customers to manage compensation at a global level strategically, enhance productivity, increase morale and retain high valued employees within an organization. We assist companies to develop Pay for Performance culture to motivate employees to achieve higher results and improve company's bottom line.


We lead customers to develop and promote a culture of collaboration by publishing goals to employees to gain visibility to an organization’s strategy. Our team works with customers to increase employees’ motivation levels by implementing Fusion Goal Management module to provide access to their personal development plans to track their personal growth and career development.

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Our seasoned team provides expertise to our customers to improve recruiting business processes and improve brand image by providing a superior recruiting experience. We assist organizations to attract talented individuals ahead of competitors. Reduce cost per hire and time by reducing recruitment operating experience.


Our talent management consultants help customers to establish HR processes to align their workforce with their organizational goals and improve organization strategy execution. Our HCM experts help clients improve their performance management processes to find out ineffective execution of business strategies.


We assist customers to retain key talent, quickly locate key talent within the organization to develop that talent, and assess current talent to identify potential risk and impact of losing it. Acuity works with our customers for a better planning of talent management to meet short and long term critical business requirements by implementing Oracle Succession planning tool.

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We help customers transform traditional training into a modern learning solution that is agile, social, and personalized for your business. Our team assists customers in tying their organization learning activities to core business to transform the perception of learning management from cost center to a key investment. Customers can build a culture to consider learning as a high-level strategic value and gain competition advantage by increasing workforce knowledge to achieve better results.

Content Management

Rapidly develop content with flexible editing tools, import third-party training content, and support multiple Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) standards

Learning Management

Create, host, manage, and deliver training through a single learning system, personalize learning content to fit the needs of multiple audiences, and provide virtual classroom integration


Generate additional revenue with built-in E-Commerce functionality, accept payments in US and global currencies, and offer discount codes, coupons, and purchase orders

Career Development

Provide employees and managers with tools to map employees’ future development, proactively identify and close skill gaps to ensure that you have the right talent in place to achieve business goals, and develop leaders by gaining insight into how current competencies align with future job requirements