remote system administrationYour system administrators have in-depth skills and knowledge about your business and processes – wouldn’t you prefer they spend time providing value added work instead of documenting system configurations and performing data entry?

Our clients often use our services to assist them with process configurations, content loading, system documentation, data entry and translation documentation. Here’s just a few benefits Acuity RSA services can bring your team:

  1. Free up your system administrators to work on business process, analysis and value added work.
  2. Save training costs due to turnover.
  3. Avoid loss of data and history of configurations by storing change requests in our support portal.
  4. Get up and running quickly through a quick request process.


We offer a variety of Remote System Administration packages or you can build your own to meet your business needs. Acuity offers English and French Speaking services and an option to include Reporting with your package.

  • Lite: 4 hours/week up to 52 hours/quarter
  • Bronze: 10 hours/week up to 130 hours/quarter
  • Silver: 18 hours/week up to 234 hours per quarter
  • Gold: 28 hours/week up to 364 hours per quarter
  • Platinum: 40 hours/week up to 520 hours per quarter

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