HR Services

As a leading human resource company, Acuity provides a full range of human resources consulting services through remote, on-site and outsourced services. We provide both short-term or long-term support and our program(s) can be highly customized based on individual customer’s needs. We have built our reputation by assisting customers in meeting their business objectives and HR strategy. Our HR solutions are tailored specifically to our clients' needs, providing them with increased workforce flexibility, productivity and profitability. When selecting an HR partner, organizations are seeking to develop strategic relationships with providers that understand their emergent and long-term HR challenges. Acuity offers the unique combination of experience, methodology, and professional commitment that makes us the right choice as your HR partner. Choose Acuity for your HR needs.
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Improve your ability to attract and retain talent by reviewing and comparing employee benefit programs. We can provide coordination with the benefit brokers to annually review all employer-sponsored benefit plans for renewal and compliance; Review and compare employee benefit programs.

Services provided:

• Insurance Benefits
• Retirement Benefits
• Insurance Policies


Compensation studies are a service in which we assist organizations in applying fundamental consulting disciplines to the identification and evaluation of appropriate market pay data, internal worth of jobs/positions, organizational considerations, and current fiscal resources to determine recommended job/position classifications and a structured plan of pay level ranges. We can help define positions, wage guidelines and incentive packages to give your business an advantage while maintaining internal and external equity.

Services provided:

• Evaluating the company/organization’s situation and need
• Conducting interviews
• Reviewing/writing job/position descriptions
• Conducting internal evaluations
• Ranking the jobs/positions
• Obtaining and analyzing competitive data
• Revising/recommending a base compensation plan
• Quantifying the impact of recommended pay adjustments
• Recommending pay administration guidelines
• Documenting findings and recommendations in a report
• FLSA status surveys



We support a variety of Employee Relations activities, including Employee Handbooks, Motivation & Recognition Programs, Onboarding Programs, Employee Surveys, Exit Interview Programs and I-9 Form Audits. 


Today’s organizations face many challenges. They operate in competitive environments where technology needs change and evolve as fast as the technology itself. In order to meet the business goals of an organization, Human Resource professionals are seeking ever more robust, efficient solutions that support the organization’s overall business strategy. Today’s HR technology solutions offer customers unprecedented capabilities to improve process efficiency, accuracy and integration, as well as share information across the entire organization. With the correct HR technology solutions in place organizations will benefit from time and cost savings gained through increased efficiency and automation.

Services provided:

• Strategic Planning
• RFP / Selection
• Implementation
• Training
• Change Management
• Ongoing Support

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Acuity can develop strategies and techniques that will assist you in hiring the most qualified candidates for open positions and identify and retain critical talent.

It is a constant challenge to stay ahead in today’s business environment. Often, choosing a staffing service amounts to nothing more than a last-minute phone call to fill an absence or to obtain assistance in a crisis. Taking a more strategic approach to choosing a staffing partner can actually be very valuable. Not only can you minimize costs, but you may be able to find employees who are far more productive for the tasks at hand. Regardless of the size or scope of your need, we will provide the required number of qualified employees to keep your company productive and competitive.

Services provided:

• Employee Recruiting Strategies
• Employee Retention Strategies
• Special Projects
• Reducing Turnover
• Controlling Overtime Costs
• Managing Vacancies, Absences and Burnout


Performance appraisals can be a chore, both for the manager doing the evaluation and the HR representative coordinating the effort and ensuring timeliness in the process. Let Acuity help you design an easy but comprehensive evaluation process and train your team. Our systems give employees the information they need to improve performance, set goals and achieve them.

Services provided:

• Development of Evaluation/Appraisal Program (process & tools)
• Basing systems on Job Descriptions
• Defining Expectations and Ratings

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Acuity offers a wide range of customized training solutions to enhance the effectiveness of your workforce. We recognize the importance of tailoring programs to the specific needs of individual companies and will work with your company to customize program designed around your objectives.

Services provided:

• Attitudes and Behaviors
• Organizational Development
• Management Assessments
• Skills and Abilities