An update-to-date, legal handbook is essential for all businesses – large or small. An employee handbook communicates policies, benefits and work standards to all employees in a single document. It provides an appropriate means through which the employer can disseminate legally required policies, such as anti-harassment, family and medical leave or drug testing policies. It also provides valuable guidance for supervisors regarding the implementation and enforcement of company policies. This promotes uniform and consistent treatment of employees, thus reducing the risk of discriminatory treatment Internal policies and procedures can mean the difference between effective and ineffective management.

Acuity can help you design the internal procedures behind your handbook policies and train your managers and supervisors in their part of the process. We can audit your current handbook or develop a customized handbook to ensure your content is current, relevant and required. Whether it’s just one policy you need to add or an entire handbook, our experienced staff will assist you in developing clear and appropriate policies that are up-to-date and tailored for your industry and company culture.

Services provided:

• Communication to Employees
• Legal Compliance
• Audit Existing Employee Handbooks

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Implementing an employee recognition program is the secret to increasing employee morale and addressing ongoing needs for employee retention and employee reward. Inspire better employee performance and bottom line profits by identifying new ways to demonstrate your appreciation to your employees.

Acuity can help build reward and recognition systems which contributes to employee motivation, positive morale and retention. Have confidence that the special contributions in your organization get the recognition they deserve.

Services provided:

• Design, Development and Implementation


A successful orientation program is a critical factor in helping new employees develop a productive, lasting relationship with your organization. We can help you integrate new employees or newly-promoted leaders into your organization or a particular role to enhance employee engagement, retention, motivation and job satisfaction.

Services provided:

• Design, Development and Implementation


Are your employees satisfied with their jobs? Do your employees feel a sense of loyalty to your organization? Do you know the in-depth reasons why employees are terminating their employment relationships with your organization?

Studies have shown that satisfied employees are better performers and therefore, high customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are closely linked. Employees with positive attitudes can have a positive affect on co-workers as well as customers.

Acuity can develop, administer and present confidential surveys to improve working relationships and increase productivity. It is essential that organizations uncover the source of employees’ dissatisfaction and the reason for turnover, because turnover costs can range from 25% to 200% of the employee’s total annual compensation.

Services provided:

• Analyzing and Summarizing Results
• Identifying Areas of Concern
• Providing Recommendations

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Ever wonder if you’re getting honest feedback when you conduct an exit interview? Employees may be more willing to communicate to someone outside of your organization.

Our trained interviewers conduct objective, independent exit interviews on your behalf and provide you with the individual and summary results of the interviews to identify areas for improvement as well as areas of strength.

Services provided:

• Program Development
• Conducting Exit Interviews
• Creating Retention Plans
• Tracking and Analysis


It is a good practice to periodically audit and make necessary corrections to your Form I-9, and it is of the utmost importance to do so correctly. Don’t make a complicated form even more difficult to deal with, let us provide the audit solutions you need.

Services provided:

• Discovering Common Errors on I-9 Forms
• Correcting any Errors Appropriately and Accurately
• Decreasing Penalties/Fines Associated with Incorrectly Completed Forms