Adherence to our project methodologies and delivery standards are a key differentiator of Acuity project managers and consultants.


Acuity methodologyOur proven methodologies ensure that your projects, no matter how big or how small, are managed at the highest quality. Most importantly, our project managers and consultants lead our clients to project success by approaching discussions and decisions in a logical manner to ensure there is no re-work or fatal mistakes. At the same time we execute each phase, we monitor risks, quality, schedule and budget. We strongly believe that planning is imperative for every project.

We recognize that not every client’s needs are the same. For this reason, we have crafted several project methodologies to meet our client’s needs while remaining flexible. Within each project methodology, we offer different packaged solutions to allow clients to choose what best meets their needs.


Our express program is designed for mid-market companies who need to implement the basics quickly.  Our seasoned professionals guide clients through features and functions and help design Oracle HCM Cloud to meet individual business objectives. Express is best for clients who have pre-established and well-working processes in place.


We take a custom approach to our Elite Program clients by building scope and services within individualized needs for implementation. This program offers a full consulting services package with process design, integrations, system design and configuration. Global, highly complex clients are a great fit for our Elite Program.


Our fixed price packaged offerings for Oracle Taleo Cloud Business Edition allow flexibility for clients to decide how much consulting or configuration support they need or want. We understand that smaller companies have unique needs and we’ve created solutions for any budget.


Experience matters when you are choosing a long-term partner.

You are investing valuable resources with your implementation and management of your talent management system. Our Services Team members are proven experts and well regarded in the Oracle community and therefore, so is Acuity. Experience allows us to share proven and best practices – we know what works and what doesn’t to complete the project efficiently and on budget.

Below are a few statistics to demonstrate our vast, collective experience with implementations and project work:

• 150+ successful Oracle HCM Cloud implementations
• Experience in over 40 industries
• An average of 10 years of Oracle HCM Cloud experience per consultant
• 100+ Oracle HCM Cloud and migrations
• 200+ integrations developed
• 250+ Customers
• 500+ HR Projects

PMP workflow screen


One of our strongest skill sets, outside of superior service and product expertise, is project management. Our certified Project Manager Professionals have many years of experience managing large-scale projects. Acuity has a high standard of quality when it comes to hiring project managers. We know that good communication and organizational skills, detail-oriented mindset and a level head make the best project managers. We also believe that equipping our project managers with tools and a solid methodology – like our 5 phase approach – set our team and our clients up for success.

Remote Services

Think of us as a virtual extension of your team.

We understand that change can be difficult, including considering that you may not need your consulting partners on-site with you day in and day out. The truth is, with the SaaS solutions offered today, there simply isn’t a need for 5-day on-site consulting services. All configuration and meetings have the capability to be handled virtually. Why spend the money on having consultants on-site as a part of your budget, when you could spend that money on value-added services to better your business? Think of us as a virtual extension of your team. We execute tried and true practices to ensure superior remote services.


Acuity professionals understand that relationship building is the key to our success. We attend conference calls with your teams, get to know your team members and how your business works. By building a personal relationship with project owners and sponsors, we build the trust that is needed to perform remote services efficiently and successfully. We look forward to learning more about your HCM business needs and how your goals can benefit from our partnership.


We’re great communicators. By phone, email, instant messenger, tickets or Skype, we provide on-demand support when you need it most. When you engage in consulting services with us, you can count on us to keep you up-to-date with the status of tasks or make ourselves available to you for questions or concerns. Consistent status updates and reports are part of our normal regimen. We have a number of tools that allow us to stay in communication throughout all of our projects together.



Ask a company who has a remote workforce about employee morale and odds are they’ll tell you they have a satisfied and engaged team. Our employees and contractors work from their home offices across the United States and Canada. Whether we are huddled up next to the fireplace or on a beach in Hawaii, you will have a happy voice on the other end of the line working hard for you. Happy employees lead to happy clients.


Let’s face it, if you waited to find experienced professionals for your SaaS software in your local area, you may be waiting a while. We are the experts. We can deliver services to you from anywhere in the world and any time of day. Our operations are founded in the United States and delivered in the US and Canada and we will not offshore services.


For large implementations, it’s our practice to travel to clients at the beginning for kick-off and end of the project to support wrap-up. It’s also a great way for us to continue our relationship building and understanding of your business needs.