Upgrades & Optimizations

Most SaaS providers release upgrades and maintenance patches that fix critical issues and provide new features. Our services team are educated on new releases and features as soon as they are available. Being an Oracle Partner allows us to learn about the features before they're released so we are primed to help our clients implement them successfully.


calendar• Candidate Selection Workflow
• Oracle Validated Integrations (OVI)
• Career Section
• Onboarding
• Reporting
• Integration Add-ons
• OLF Foundation Data
• Review Forms
• Succession Planning


Keeping your software up-to-date will help you avoid system bugs and falling behind the curve in comparison to your competitors. Upgrades need careful attention to ensure that everything tests and works properly before go-live. Acuity helps you understand and implement new features before testing, so quality and new functionality is delivered optimally to your end users. We offer custom solutions and packaged offerings for upgrade services. We've also created videos to help clients understand the impacts and changes for recent upgrades. View the snippets on our YouTube channel and watch the full length videos by becoming a member of the HCMTechClub.


Business processes change. What used to work six months ago may not work today. Our consulting team assists clients in identifying bottlenecks in their system design and recommends ways to configure and optimize to reach maximum potential. We gladly offer ‘health check’ services to review your current set up and recommend best practices. Optimization may include implementing new products or features, which we have many years’ experience in supporting.