8 Ways to Optimize OTAC (Taleo)

Optimize OTAC Taleo

Looking for ways to enhance your candidate experience, improve your recruitment process and save time for your talent acquisition team? Here are 8 Ways to optimize OTAC to accomplish these goals and more:

  1. ACE (Abilities, Certifications, Education) Evaluation & Settings to pre-screen, assess and weight candidates for a faster and more objective selection process.
  2. Candidate Communication Agent (CCA) – set customized Requisition and CSW statuses visible to candidates. Customize messaging by step, status and candidate type.
  3. LinkedIn/Google+ options to allow candidates to use info from their profiles in their application.
  4. Texting to increase pipeline, improve time to fill and response time, and more.
  5. Interview & Evaluation Management to enable internal users to setup and notify candidates of interviews scheduled in Taleo.
  6. Auto-Progression to allow the system to move candidates through the CSW automatically based on a set of rules you define.
  7. Auto-Trigger Correspondences to deliver notifications automatically based on step and status.
  8. Oracle Validated Integrations (OVIs) to facilitate assessments, video interviewing, background checks, drug screening, I9, WOTC, tax forms and more.

Need a hand or interested in learning more about how easy these are to implement? Contact us – our team is happy to help.

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