Let us tell you a few things
about our team.

Our team is comprised of super-smart, bright Oracle HCM Cloud consultants, Taleo consultants and application developers who have decades of experience. No matter who is assigned to your projects, you can expect the same level of support and expertise.  We are highly collaborative, so when you hire Acuity, you get our entire team.

Group of people hands in

Acuity’s top 10 traits.
This is who we are.

When we have found a need that cannot be fulfilled by software alone, we aren’t afraid to build something to meet the need.

We make up a diverse group of people who have different backgrounds to draw creativity from.

If there is a way to automate it; we will lead the way.

Software limitations may slow us down, but rarely do they stop us.

We’ve lead thousands of successful HCM projects.

Even though we recognize that HCM project work is serious business, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  There must be laughter.

We like to share other aspects of our lives and like to know about who we are working with as well because relationships are important to us. 

We take a relaxed, but focused, approach to project management which has proven to keep the fun in every project as well as on-time completion.

We stay committed.

We are honest. If we don’t know, we’ll find out!