Sometimes you need a
little help from your friends.

Utilize our team of Learn experts to help support your learn systems.  Whether it’s configuration changes, course design, SCORM conversions or end-user support, we’re here for it all.

We fly in to save the day
with remote administration.

Our managed services provides a remote system administrator to manage your Learn system to save you time and money! Not to mention that we survive turnover and provide a consistent, long-term experience for your Learn system needs.


Free Up Resources

Free up system administrators
to work on business process,
analysis and value added work.



Deploy a consistent experience
and centralized hub for learning
system management.


Save Costs

Avoid re-training costs and re-work
by outsourcing administration
tasks to a team of people who
know your system inside and out.



Our resources are experts on
your Learning systems. This means
less errors and more best practices
to continuously improve.

Engage your users with a
consistent learning experience.

We offer the opportunity to review your entire user interface to ensure that your students are getting a consistent branded learning experience.  We will review your pages, codes, objects and widgets for both web and mobile.  Then make recommendations for improvements.

In addition, we can help with a number of other content tasks such as:

*course enhancements
*conversion to html or SCORM
*voice overs and screen recordings
*course graphics and layout design
*and more!

Set yourself up for success with SCORM.

By having a universal format for all of your courses, you’ve set yourself up for future upgrades and enhancements. Gain new features such as course confirmation, bookmarks, a branded course player, interactive navigation, quizzes, knowledge checks, gamification, animation and more!  We can help you convert all of your existing content to SCORM files or even create new SCORM files for you!

Support your end users by offering outsourced help.

We can offer you full end user support so that your users have a place to go to if they have issues using your Learning system (LMS).  Whether it is a question about how to view a course, complete course elements or technical issues, you can give them access to our experts and we will act on your behalf.

Get a branded support portal and a unique email address for your learn support needs. Track support activity with comprehensive reports and 8X5 support. Get a specific knowledge base for your company, live chat and a dedicated team.

Check out an example of a support portal here.