When you are implementing,
experience matters.

Our Learn team has a broad range of LMS experience, among a wide range of systems. You’re investing in a system that you’ll be using for a long while; it will be important that you are also investing in a team who can implement it properly with your unique business case and best practices in mind.

We could not have implemented our LMS without Acuity. There is just no way it would have happened. Acuity lead us through all of the decisions we had to make and then just took care of all of the configurations. We were blown away by the knowledge shared with us during our implementation!

We love our LMS family.

We offer professional services in a a few different LMS platforms. We like to keep diversity in our experience, since our customers have a wide range of business needs.


Oracle’s Learning Cloud is a module
in its HCM Cloud Suite. Learning Cloud
offers a full spectrum of features to
upskill your workforce.


A stand alone module of Taleo,
Taleo Learn offers 100% configurability
for employers of all size to provide
a comprehensive learning program.


iSpring for small business is a
robust LMS that is easy to implement,
easy for users to learn with and
offered at a fair price.


Highly specialized Docebo allows
businesses to create and manage
content, deliver training and review
impacts through artificial intelligence.

When you have a proven plan, worry washes away.

Our proven methodologies ensure your projects, no matter how big or small, are managed with the highest quality. Most importantly, our project managers and consultants lead our clients to project success by approaching discussions and decisions in a logical manner to ensure there is no re-work or fatal mistakes. At the same time, we execute each phase, we monitor risks, quality, schedule and budget. We strongly believe planning is imperative for a successful project.

Project Planning
Discovery & Design
Test & Refine
Stabilize / Optimize