Too many options
can be overwhelming.

We can help you methodically select your next, or first, LMS vendor.  We will gather your requirements for you, draft and facilitate a Request For Proposal (RFP) and even show you how each platform stacks up to your requirements.

6-step-1 RFP process

Understanding your RFP responses and next steps is important.

We will break down for you the vendor responses and how they stack up tot your requirements and provide you with a clear recommendation and path forward to implement your selected LMS platform.

We'll help you understand your negative technology gap.

When considering whether you’ll stay on your current LMS platform or upgrade to a new one, it’s important to consider the value, costs and return on investment for doing so.  We’ll help you sort through all of that, plus more. Can’t wait to learn about this? Read our white paper here.

Evaluations Complete