Mandatory 20B Update with Fluid Recruiting: Are You Ready?

Fluid Recruiting

The timeline for the mandatory 20B update for Taleo Enterprise with Fluid Recruiting is approaching quickly with staging and production zones scheduled for updates between May 2020 and August 2020. This is the most important release of the year and you’ll be notified of your update dates via a PCN. Staging will go live first and production will go live 4 weeks later.

As part of this upgrade, Fluid Recruiting will be enabled by default, which will give your team the power of a mobile-ready, modern, and faster recruiting experience – and more engaging candidate experience. All users who have access to Recruiting Center will have access to Fluid Recruiting and at the end of 2020 the legacy Recruiting Center will be turned off.

How easy is it to move to Fluid?

Fluid can be turned on with a click of a button to allow access for users. Even though Fluid may not have all the features needed for some organizations, you’ll still have the ability to allow certain groups (i.e. Managers, Coordinators, Manager assistants) to benefit from the new view to allow for easier candidate management and review.

The Acuity team is here to help with your move to Fluid by reviewing your current setups in order to determine the best deployment strategy for your team. We’ll analyze features you’re using today to determine which groups should move and when. With the new interface, we’ll also assist with training users on the new navigation, creating job aids and additional support, as needed.

We’ve designed 3 package options based on your need for project management, functional consulting, and change management. Timelines typically run 6-8 weeks.

Contact us to learn more and to begin building your roadmap to Fluid!

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