Optimize Onboarding

Optimize Onboarding

Do you have inconsistent and/or manual onboarding processes? Do you hire international candidates and/or contract workers? If so, make sure you’re optimizing your processes and platform to reduce extra steps and rework, improve consistency and compliance, and improve the onboarding experience for your candidates and team.

Here’s how:

  • Implement multiple QA Reviews to get the right data at the right time, i.e.: Offer Validation, QA Review at start of process, and QA Review prior to load to HRIS.
  • Include a Candidate Upload Review process to allow reloads and/or have candidates provide additional documentation so there’s less follow up. Using a multiple loop process will help verify documents and continue to ask applicants for additional info until all checks are completed.
  • Place ownership on business users to review candidate data and applications to save time for your HR team. Set up a flow that allows for business users to be notified when they need to take action instead of constantly monitoring a process.
  • Enable candidate notifications so they are updated throughout the process.
  • Enhance onboarding with customized welcome communications with helpful links and contact information, instructions, automated reminders and more.

Want to implement some of these tips or learn more about optimization opportunities?
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