Get a complete
HCM system in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud HCM is an all-in-one robust HCM system that is hosted and operated in the cloud. Get all components of HR systems within one central tool, yet have the functionality that you want in specialized systems. Use Oracle Cloud HCM to streamline processes and take advantage of Oracle’s innovations in the cloud to optimize performance.

End-to-end HCM solutions that work.

Core HR

Stay compliant with legal and country regulations.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Improve hiring efficiencies and attract the best candidates while keeping them engaged.


Drive personalized learning for your entire organization.

Talent Management

Set goals, plan succession and develop the careers of your resources to gain the maximum potential.


Model and administer a fair, performance-based compensation plan company-wide.

Time & Labor

Schedule, plan and forecast labor costs with a simple drag and drop functionality.

Absence Management

Configure and remain compliant with time off policy.


Configure and administer global payroll easily, while retaining flexiability to make off-cycle pay runs.

Help Desk

Deliver HR service through multiple channels, workflows and knowledge bases.

Workforce Health & Safety

Report and alert on workplace incidents while gaining intelligence on safety.

Technical Integrations

Use a variety of technologies and tools to integrate your HCM Cloud with existing systems.


Fast Formula



Web Services




UI Design


Secure your data.

Get all of the critical components you need to run an optimized organization with security that is flexible enough to support any structure.  Oracle Cloud HCM offers security in the cloud by providing role-based security, pre-defined roles and role types. You decide who gets to see what within your HCM Cloud application. Control data access by providing a role with the least needed access for each employee accessing the system.

How we can help you.

Our highly experience Oracle Cloud HCM team of consultants can help you find value in your technology by offering a full life cycle offering of services.

If you are a small company or a large global company with more complex requirements, we will design an implementation plan to meet your needs and budget.

Our experienced team can integrate your Oracle
Cloud HCM with other
systems through creative solutions and tools.

We offer health checks to
identify areas in which you
can optimize processes or configurations to use all 
of the system functionality.

If you need configuration
expertise to support your
software, our dedicated
remote administration team
will do the heavy lifting.

Make faster, informed business decisions with agile visual
analytics and self-service
discovery together with best-in-class enterprise analytics.