OTAC (Taleo) to ORC: Why? When? How?


We’re back from some recent conference travels and wanted to share answers to common questions we heard about moving from OTAC to ORC:


Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce time to hire – all of your data in the same platform improves recruit to hire processing
  • Internal mobility to “mine your own gold” – all employees are candidates and have profile data in your system. Search and recruit easily from within.
  • Full HR lifecycle metrics – from candidate application through performance management. Gain insight on skills top performing employees had when you hired them and more.

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce or Eliminate Integration – when you’re not moving data from one system to another, there’s less chance of data corruption and breaches

Best Practices

  • Don’t “lift and shift” old processes. Evaluate what’s working and what isn’t and take the time to build new and improved processes to save time and reduce bottlenecks in the future.
  • Consolidate processes across your organization to 1) achieve consistency in recruitment processes to support required country-specific localizations and 2) reduce maintenance and support time
  • Automate where possible to reduce manual intervention and take advantage of auto-progression of candidates through the process
  • Use Acuity’s custom and easy-to-use mapping tool to support migration planning to save time and make the migration easier

14-16 Week Migration Timeline (dependent on complexity of organization)

  • Continue to use your existing OTAC application
  • Determine which features are critical to your talent acquisition process
  • Evaluate the ORC Roadmap and match features needed
  • Determine when the ORC feature you require will be delivered

We’ve learned that training time is minimal and employee adoption goes quickly since teams are already familiar with navigation, terminology and other similarities between the two platforms.

We’ve developed a variety of tools to help make your ORC implementation efficient, including:

  • OTAC to ORC Implementation methodology
  • OTAC to ORC Implementation toolkit, including: Functional Features/Modules comparison (updated based on release cycle)
  • OTAC to ORC path project plan
  • Technical recommendations
  • Communication/Change Management recommendations
  • Best practice recommendations

Need Support? We offer OTAC to ORC Migration Checks to review your platforms and make recommendations for your migration. Are you ready to get started and take advantage of the power of ORC?

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