Implementations that fit all needs.

Our proven methodologies ensure your projects, no matter how big or small, are managed with the highest quality. Most importantly, our project managers and consultants lead our clients to project success by approaching discussions and decisions in a logical manner to ensure there is no re-work or fatal mistakes. At the same time, we execute each phase, we monitor risks, quality, schedule and budget. We strongly believe planning is imperative for a successful project.


Recognize value right away with a fast delivery method. We’ll lead you through a pre-defined timeline, project plan and deliverables quickly, so that you can be up and running as soon as possible. Express is best for clients who have well-working processes in place.


We take a custom approach to implementation by building scope and services within individualized needs for implementation. This program offers a full consulting services package with process design, integrations, system design and configuration. Global, highly complex clients are a great fit for Elite.

Fixed Fee

Our fixed price packaged offerings allow clients flexibility in deciding how much consulting or configuration support they need or want. We understand that each business has unique needs and we’ve created packages and solutions for every budget.

Experience matters when you have a lot on the line.

You are investing valuable resources with your implementation and management of your talent management system. Our team members are proven experts and well regarded in the Oracle community and therefore, so is Acuity. Experience allows us to share proven best practices – we know what works and what doesn’t to complete the project efficiently and on budget.

We are the team who will help you do it right the first time.

Our proven project methodology works every time. We have experienced senior-level project managers who will easily identify risks and suggest remediation plans before there are issues. Acuity will help you avoid pitfalls during implementation – because we have done it hundreds of times and know what works. Our team will advocate for you with software vendors to ensure issues are being resolved.

We Get To Know You

Relationship building is the key to our success. We attend conference calls with your teams, get to know your team members and how your business works. By building a personal relationship with project owners and sponsors, we build the trust that is needed to perform remote services efficiently and successfully.

We Communicate

We’re great communicators. By phone, email, instant messenger or tickets, we provide on-demand support when you need it most. When you engage in consulting services with us, you can count on us to keep you up-to-date with the status of tasks or make ourselves available to you for questions or concerns. Consistent status updates and reports are part of our normal regimen. We have a number of tools that allow us to stay in communication throughout all of our projects together.

We Have Happy Employees

Ask a company who has a remote workforce about employee morale and odds are they’ll tell you they have a satisfied and engaged team. Our employees and contractors work from their home offices across the United States and Canada. Whether we are huddled up next to the fireplace or on a beach in Hawaii, you will have a happy voice on the other end of the line working hard for you. Happy employees lead to happy clients.

We Are Small But Mighty

Why pay top rates for less experienced consultants at the big firms when you can work with the deeply specialized consultants at Acuity for a fair rate? Our employees participate in developing programs, offerings and assist with scoping projects – this means they are invested in ensuring success even before engaging in a project. We are more interested in ensuring top-notch services than working 40 hours a week. The Acuity team is here until it is done right. Being experts, we can do things faster, saving you time and money. We work to foster a highly collaborative family-like team environment which translates to strong customer service.