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Acuity offers many different solutions for moving your data into and out of the cloud.
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Oracle Cloud HCM

We can build a mega-star solution for your data to move into and out of Oracle Cloud HCM. Using a multitude of tools and expertise, there isn’t much we can’t do. Even when there may not be an obvious solution, we thrive on finding a creative one.

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Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition

Recruiting and onboarding are important inputs to any core HR system. We are experts in Taleo Enterprise integration tools, system entities and fields. If you need to set up ongoing integrations, migrate data out of Taleo, import foundational data or transform your data, we have the solution.

Taleo Client Connect

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Oracle Taleo Business Edition

Integrating data to your payroll system and other Oracle systems is key to avoid manual entry, repetitive tasks and overhead. Save time and money by investing in automated scripts for Taleo Business Edition that will run in the background, allowing you to focus on your business.


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Feed a data warehouse.

Data warehouses are all the rage these days. Bring all of your data into one relational database and build analytics to find trends and improve your business. We can build a data warehouse for you or help you integrate with an existing database.

A data warehouse delivers enhanced business intelligence.

Data warehouses and related business intelligence can be applied directly to business processes including: market segmentation, human resources, financial management, payroll and more.

A data warehouse saves time.

By pulling together data from various sources into a central location, leaders have the information they need to make more rapid and informed business decisions. Executives are empowered in querying the data themselves without needing to request support from IT for report generation requests.

A data warehouse enhances
data quality and consistency.

A data warehouse implementation includes the conversion of data from numerous source systems into a common format. Data from various departments is standardized, increasing accuracy and providing a common language for strong business decisions.

A data warehouse provides historical intelligence.

Typically, historical data is not easily stored or able to be used to generate reports from a transactional database. The strength of a data warehouse is its capacity for storing historical data – allowing you to easily analyze trends over many years and make more accurate predictions for the future.

A data warehouse
generates a high ROI.

Companies that have implemented data warehouses and complementary BI systems have proven to generate more revenue and realized savings than companies who haven’t invested in BI systems and data warehouses