Good project management isn’t just about schedules and budget.

Realizing stakeholders’ expectations through reliable, cost-effective delivery of project solutions while ensuring a return on project investment is key. Stakeholders must be able to see how the investment and the technology supports the strategy of their businesses to operate and thrive. A successful project must be able to maximize performance, value, and strategy alignment.

Our project managers
set clients up for success.

One of our strongest skill sets, outside of superior service and product expertise, is project management. Our project management professionals have many years of experience managing large-scale projects. We know good communication and organizational skills, a detail-oriented mindset and a level head make the best project managers. We also believe equipping our project managers with tools and a solid methodology set our team and our clients up for success. Each phase addresses a specific aspect of the project from definition to deployment and ensures the project to finishes on time and on budget.

Being proactive anticipates issues.

Projects will always have associated risks. Issues will pop up. Our project managers are constantly evaluating risk, looking two steps ahead to anticipate issues before they arrive. Being able to identify risk early allows us to design contingency plans to mitigate risk before it escalates to derail a project. Our leadership is ready to support every project.  You will always know where you stand with risk when Acuity is leading a project.