Get off-the-shelf training
videos to populate your LMS.

Through our partnership with EJ4, Acuity can provide to you a complete library of courses specifically developed for your industry or topic of training. Don’t let your content go stale, keep it fresh by continuously adding new courses for your students.


Keep your courses relevant.

Let’s face it, companies do not have time to create their own content from scratch. In addition, courses offered to employees should be relevent in real-time life.  Course content needs to be updated constantly to ‘stay with the times’.  It’s easy to stay relevant with our pre-built content that can be loaded right into your LMS.


Industry Specific

Get courses for different
industries such as banking,
customer service or retail.

topic based

Topic Based

Find courses specifically
for selling, software, or
direct store delivery.

soft skills

Soft Skills

Access courses for
professional growth,
leadership or supervision.



Get courses for diversity,
safety, and even

Find the benefits of
pre-built course content.

Each course is designed to be 5-10 minutes long so that students can absorb the content.  Videos deliver a consistent learning experience that will resonate with students. Courses are available in over 5 languages. All courses are SCORM compliance and provided materials for students to download.

Courses are accesible anytime, anywhere.