Recruiting & Onboarding Advantage

Recruiting and onboarding advantage

Curious about how to use texting during your recruiting and onboarding processes? Here are 6 example messages our clients have used to successfully engage with candidates and new hires:

  1. Thanks for your interest in Acme! We look forward to reviewing your application.
  2. Congratulations, Tim, you’ve been selected to interview for the Product Marketing position. Please contact us to schedule.
  3. Hi Samantha, you haven’t finished your online assessment yet. Please login to complete. Thank you.
  4. Hi Eric – we’d like to extend an offer to you for the Senior Sales Manager position. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for more info.
  5. We’re excited you’re joining our team, Jen! We’ve emailed your onboarding instructions. Let us know if you have any questions.
  6. Welcome to your first day at Acme, Carter – we’re excited for you to join our team today!

Bonus: Once your candidates have opted-in, you can engage with them throughout the hiring process, during onboarding and beyond. These messages can be automated, personalized and/or sent individually based on your desired workflow.

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