Join our
referral program.

Know someone who could use our services or software? Refer us to your network and get a handsome reward in commision.

Why join our referral program?


You remain the account owner of your account from a sales perspective. 


Get commissions on each and every deal your account signs, now and in the future.


Refer multiple accounts and get commissions on multiple accounts quarter after quarter.

Stay Sales Focused

You can focus on sales, while we deliver services to your accounts.

Leverage Our Talent

It’s hard to find talented people these days, use our team to deliver top tier services to your accounts.

Sell Your Own Way

You decide how you want to sell our services and products. No corporate processes or quotas to follow.

Commissions Available

Get commissions on each and every account that you provide to Acuity.

HCM Services

App Development



Web Services

Small Business



UI Design

+ More

Our commission schedules.

Once approved as a Referral Partner, we will provide a detailed commission schedule for each of our services. Some of our services have a small commission, while others have a large commission. You decide which products and services you want to sell. Commissions range from 5-30% and are in perpetuity of the account’s lifespan, on a declining scale.

Three easy steps to get paid.

We value your time and want to provide a very quick process for qualifying leads and awarding commissions.

Once you have identified an account, you will submit the referral through an online form. We’ll confirm that this is a new account for us and you’ll be named the owner on the account.

After finding a need with your account, you’ll submit the deal details. We will provide scoping support and confirm pricing information for the deal. We’ll work together to get the right paperwork to the customer.

After the customer signs, we’ll start working. Once per quarter all revenue billed to the customer will be tallied and your commissions will be applied by service or product and you will receive your commission check.