Strategy is where experience matters the most.

We partner with our clients to create a specific human capital management strategy that delivers the quality and depth that our clients’ business requires. Using both organic methods and our recommended HCM strategy framework, we help clients identify the vital indicators that will ensure human capital management success. Our approach delivers a crisp, focused and actionable plan clients can implement immediately and effectively.

We want to help you with vendor selection and proof of concepts.

Our consultants are HR experts who also have a deep understanding of technology. We have vast experience with building RFPs and assisting with a vendor selection process for technology or programs needed for implementation. If you are considering Oracle HCM software, we would enjoy the opportunity to develop a proof of concept for you to ensure the software will meet your business requirements and process needs.

Finding efficiencies within processes leads to better system performance.

We design our clients’ processes alongside the integration of systems. An audit of existing processes and programs allows clients to optimize their practices using the insights and detailed recommendations we deliver. Acuity assesses the effectiveness, usability, accountability, and transparency of our clients’ processes and provides specific advice for addressing opportunities.

Solving issues while improving processes is what we do.

Almost every organization has HCM challenges that directly increase costs, reduce revenues or impact operational efficiencies. Acuity helps clients determine which talent-related risks pose the biggest threat to their organization’s performance objectives. We support our clients’ executive team in reaching a consensus on defining priorities for talent gaps and dissect processes to expose bottlenecks and issues. Our team follows these activities with specific recommendations to close the client’s talent gaps and resolve issues.

Exploring capabilities for the future is recommended.

If you aren’t looking ahead of the curve and planning for the future, you could already be behind. We help clients explore the capabilities of their current systems which can be utilized to fuel growth and improvement in their talent management systems.

Big data is all the rave these days.

Many clients have HCM data but don’t know how to find trends or organize it in a meaningful way. We have expertise in building reports and implementing data warehouses to concatenate all of your data, which can then be displayed, analyzed and exported to meet your business needs.

Make it beautiful.

Sometimes out of the box isn’t what is needed.  We can design your external facing portals, documents and experience to match your marketing and branding. First impressions matter when you are trying to attract, retain, evolve and cultivate the best people around.