We configure remotely
to save you time and money.

Clients often use our services to assist them with system documentation, advisory services related to changes in business processes that impact application configuration and maintenance, assisting with test scripts and business flows for end users, report creation or modifications, low complexity enhancements, content loading, data entry and upgrade support to name a few. There is no task too large or small. If an unexpected issue arises, our expert team is ready to assist.

team around a table

We monitor remotely to find issues.

Allow Acuity to monitor your integrations to alert you when there are issues, identify the root cause and offer solutions as to how to fix any issues found. Having the expertise to seek and fix integration issues quickly will save you time and resources. We can help with your business continuity by outsourcing, which survives turnover.

Here’s how managed
services can help you.

Free up your system
support team to work on business process, analysis and value-added work.
Potentially eliminate
the need for multiple
full-time resources to manage your system.
Avoid loss of data
and history of process
flows by storing in
our support portal.
Save training costs
due to turnover.
Get up and
running quickly.

Let’s deploy quality, every time.

We understand the importance of end-user testing and that you need assurance about how the software will perform with your custom business processes – not some back-end program that runs standard scripts. Acuity helps clients execute test scripts and log issues that surface. You name the topics you want tested and we’ll support. We prefer test scripts provided by the customer so that we examine components important to you or, if time is limited, provide a list of topics for testing and we’ll execute.

We’ll give you a full run-down of any and all issues that are discovered – and if you’d like help, we can log tickets with Oracle as well. Imagine having all of the information you need to be able to make a decision on whether or not to accept a patch in your production environment? It is easy when we’re doing the heavy lifting for you!