Data found is only
as good as data input.

It is extremely important to ensure when designing your application configuration and processes that you keep the end goal in mind. Our consultants can help you get the most out of reporting by ensuring that you are designing with reporting in mind.

female writing at a desk

Report writing. It’s complicated.

Having deep knowledge within different report writing tools is often hard to find within your own team. Luckily Acuity has professionals who are experienced in Oracle reporting tools and backed by decades of experience.  If there’s a way to report on it, we’ll make it happen!

When you need more, we’ve got you.

Acuity Reports

Acuity offers our own reporting
tool that can help you view data
from a data warehouse easily,
with meaning and usefulness.

Tool Capabilities

Connect To Databases
Easily connect Acuity Reports to any RDS or cloud hosted Excel doc.
Create Beautiful Dashboards

Create colorful or branded dashboards to display reports. Include user filters to filter data easily for the entire dashboard.


Share dashboards or reports via PDF, scheduled emails, sharing a URL, making the dashboard public or embedding the dashboard in an existing webpage.


Keep your data in your own secure, segmented workspace. You decide who you would like to have access to your data. 

Create Reports

Create reports in a wide variety
of views, such as:
    ∙  Bar charts, graphs, line         
       displays, dials, info graphics
    ∙  Pivot tables
    ∙  Summary views
    ∙  Tabular views
    ∙  Queries More+