Data Migration

Moving off Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC)?

Acuity can help make your transition off OTAC (Taleo) a smooth process.

Choose one of our three packages to best suits your needs.

Tailored Exports

Custom development of up to 7 exports to include data mapping sessions, script development, unit testing, user acceptance testing support and script deployment on your servers (or Acuity’s servers).

Entities available:
Candidate, Offer, Requisition Information

Suggested Exports:

  • Requisition History
  • Candidate Work Experience
  • Candidate Education
  • Candidate Question Response
  • Candidate Diversity Question Response
  • Candidate Attachments
  • Application Export


  • No IT involvement
  • Excel files
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for HR department use
  • Great for the non-technical person


  • Data is static
  • Once delivered, it cannot change

Standard Data Warehouse

Development of complete Taleo Recruiting and/or Onboarding scripts to include script development, unit testing and script deployment on Acuity’s servers. Acuity will run the exports to extract all of the Taleo Recruiting and/or Onboarding data and put it on our secure, encrypted server. The Customer has 30 days to retrieve the data via SFTP. Data storage beyond the initial 30 days will incur a fee.


  • Flexibility with complete data sets that TCC capable of providing
  • Fully documented with entity relationship diagrams
  • Database creation scripts provided
  • Three (3) sample SQL report queries provided


  • IT availability is required
  • Must have an internal database for long-term storage and reporting available or procure hosting plan from Acuity

Oracle Data Dump

Acuity will work with Oracle to secure the Oracle Data Dump file(s), which is a complete Oracle backup database file. Acuity will help you create up to 4 SQL reports against the database.


  • Entire database is included


  • IT availability is required
  • Must have an internal database available or procure hosting plan from Acuity
  • No documentation provided
  • Normalized data (~1500 tables)