Pre-Employment Solutions


Set rules to ensure your business is accountable to the policies defined.

Take advantage of approval management rules to establish accountability throughout your business processes for the approval of business transactions. Implementing approval management can reduce costs of manual controls by effectively processing approval transactions by leveraging your organization’s hierarchical rules within the configuration. Realize the efficiency of systematically approving requisitions, offers, merit increases, promotions and much more!


Easily select or customize relevant, job-based tests from over 5,000 modular subjects covering a wide range of disciplines such as IT, Accounting, Healthcare, Call Center, Retail, and more.

Using brief skills assessments early in the hiring process can reduce and prioritize the number of applications for initial review, and longer assessments later in the process can thoroughly measure candidates’ knowledge across a number of areas. Either use case adds hard data to expedite and defend your hiring and training decisions. Integrating a skill assessment system enables customers to smoothly incorporate the skill assessments and candidate scoring into their workflows.


Make informed and compliant hiring decisions with robust, customizable background check solutions designed to streamline the hiring process.

Combine state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth examination and analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring employees.

Comprehensive services include background screening, vendor/contractor screening, executive screening, drug testing, social media searches, fingerprinting and electronic Form I-9/E-Verify solutions. Integrate seamlessly with existing HCM solutions to streamline your employment screening and onboarding process, increase efficiency, and improve candidate experience.


Deploy an e-recruitment solution to advance job distribution and excel in developing disruptive sourcing solutions integrated into your HR processes.

We implement technical solutions developed for companies, recruiting firms and temporary employment agencies who want to optimize the management of their online job and internship postings. Be empowered to cross promote and analyze performance of recruiting campaigns for international job postings.


Less time spent on paperwork and more time spent on employee engagement equals cost savings, increased retention, and faster assimilation.

We assist customers with streamlining their onboarding processes so every step in the process is automated and people are held accountable.
✔ Create personalized portals for new employee information and forms
✔ Check up-to-the-minute onboarding status for new hires
✔ Ensure new hires have access to the right knowledge and training


Automate your recruiting process, utilize social networks, integrate with HCM solutions and comply with fair hiring practices and laws.

We implement cutting-edge technology that is transforming the recruitment process, empowering companies to market their employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel. Create and nurture relationships with each step, while measuring every touchpoint in the candidate lifecycle so you know where to invest your dollars.


Automate and maximize your social recruiting processes and run targeted recruitment marketing campaigns.

We help optimize and enhance customer employee referral processes, social media job distribution and the candidate application experience. Using Social Sourcing enables customers to utilize their employees’ referrals and contacts to gain access to a talent pool they would not get from third party recruiting avenues. Easily post openings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, analyze and report on all social recruiting activity from one dashboard, and more. Expand your referral program to enjoy benefits such as:

✔ Inspire viral job sharing and reach quality candidates
✔ Engage passive candidates more effectively
✔ Fill positions quickly and inexpensively
✔ Gain insight and data for top referrers, performance of campaigns and more
✔ Track and report on all social recruiting activity


Integrate recruiting, streamline hiring processes and maximize your recruitment tools.

Reduce Time to Hire Talent

Leverage recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source talent, provide end-to-end recruiting, and streamline employee onboarding.

Cultivate Your Talent

Assess talent, increase bench strength, identify successors, build talent pools, and support the creation of high-impact employee career development plans.

Manage Performance

Modernize performance management and make it an ongoing activity through continuous conversations on goals alignment, frequent checkpoints to review progress, and coaching to enhance performance.


Source candidates from employee referrals and social marketing.


Recruit, screen, and hire applicants efficiently and collaboratively.


Onboard with ease using a guided process, and track progress to refine workforce plans.