Engage your business with millennials and other generations and propel your business forward to succeed.

TeamTexter is a solution that will help your business communicate with candidates, new hires and employees quickly and efficiently.


Collect opt-ins in your source system
Receive a failure notification if a user tries to text an individual isn’t opted-in
Use the email feature of your application to text individuals
Individuals can type STOP to opt-out of texting
Ensure texts are sent only to individuals who opt-in to texting service
Source system updated after individual opts out to reflect choice to STOP

TeamTexter for Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (Taleo Enterprise Edition) features include candidate opt-in, failure notices, automatic opt-out, communicating statuses or action items, invite to interview, international texts, do not reply, help instructions and much more. Packages are tiered based on texts sent per month and include Recruiting, Onboarding and Recruiting & Onboarding packages. Learn more on our dedicated TeamTexter website and read our recent whitepaper How TeamTexter Can Accelerate Your Taleo Recruiting.

TeamTexter Taleo Recruiting whitepaper

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