Workforce Solutions


Powerful applications deliver easy administration and global approval rules to suit your organization's requirements.

Use approval management to determine the policies that apply to approval workflows for particular business objectives. Select approvers for a task, arrange approvers in the required sequence and define rules for each approver. Manage Approval Rules and Notifications for Human Capital Management is a simplified, easy-to-use interface for configuring approval policies for the following tasks:

Hire an Employee





Our seasoned experts work with customers to addresses the diverse and complex requirements of evolving benefits practices and government regulations.

Whether it’s an individual plan or a complex, flexible benefits plan, our team supports customers in implementing solutions to support their organization goals. We deliver solutions that empower knowledge owners, deliver superior results and reduce costs associated with ongoing knowledge maintenance for employee benefits administration.

We implement solutions that solve benefits administration issues, capture decision-making knowledge and deliver this insight to end users. This unique approach provides users and owners with a mechanism to understand, create and manage critical decision-making knowledge versus having to request this information from IT staff. This accelerates processes and gives critical business data directly to HR teams. Employee eligibility, account structure on vendor files, employee classifications, benefit rate determination, and other aspects of benefits administration empower owners and reduce costs associated with ongoing knowledge maintenance.

These solutions enhance benefits management offerings by providing a secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service to hundreds of benefit carriers and therefore simplifying the day-to-day employee benefit cycle. Along with reducing enrollment errors caused by manual data entry, automating carrier web portal entries and refining reconciliation, this improves the overall employee experience by expediting their enrollment process and avoiding processing delays.

Semantic Mapping of Data

Consulting Services

Software Design

Benefits Ontologies

Vendor File Integration

Big Data Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud-based Architecture


Manage compensation at a global level strategically, enhance productivity, increase morale
and retain high valued employees within an organization.

Analyze, model, budget, and administer an unlimited number of compensation plans locally and across the globe, giving your executives, managers, and employees a deeper understanding of all compensation activity, including base pay, incentives, and equity awards. We assist customers with developing a Pay for Performance culture by incorporating ratings, goal attainment, and other metrics into compensation calculations to motivate employees to achieve higher results and improve the company’s bottom line.


Enforce consistent HR policies, report business metrics from a single source of truth, and support daily HR operations by using a “global engine” for global HR management.

Our team offers expertise in security configurations to ensure data remains private throughout the system and companies remain in compliance with local privacy regulations.

Gain operational excellence and ensure global agility and bottom-line success in streamlining business processes to increase employee productivity and ensure your workforce is properly maintained and rewarded. Reduce challenges experienced when managing employee benefits; a problem that continues to grow in complexity and significance. Employee data management addresses the diverse and complex requirements that result from evolving benefits practices and government regulations.

Our experts help customers in managing critical workforce information, consolidate core business applications, achieve global reporting needs, eliminate redundant secondary systems, reduce system maintenance cost, reduce the risk of managing uncontrolled data, and achieve data integrity.


Optimize the Candidate experience, measure Employee experience and track quality of hire with a variety of simple and powerful tools.

Tap into employee sentiment to measure employee engagement, send quick pulse surveys, measure service delivery satisfaction – you name it. Use embedded surveys, web analytics and automated follow up campaigns to:

✔ Deliver engagement surveys, whether it be one question pulses or full campaigns
✔ Measure candidate satisfaction before and after applying
✔ Optimize your careers site and employment application
✔ Track candidate experience from search to interview and beyond

Have everything you need to increase hiring effectiveness, build your employer brand, gather comments for enhancement ideas, analyze quality of hire trends over time, and much more.


Save time by delivering self-service opportunities to your team.

We help companies streamline and standardize documentation, increase efficiencies in interaction with and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests by providing a single place for employees to quickly and easily get all the HR services they need.

We implement solutions that automate onboarding and other employee lifecycle events that span multiple departments. By allowing you to facilitate processes like onboarding, offboarding, relocation, leaves of absence, IT processes, facilities, finance and legal processes, you will be able to drastically improve efficiency and provide fast, superior service to employees.

Our seasoned consultants can help you analyze business processes to determine bottlenecks and find ways to streamline operations, so you can easily and efficiently provide top-notch human resource services to your employees.

Manage Critical Workforce Information

Consolidate Core Business Applications

Achieve Global Reporting Needs

Eliminate Redundant Secondary Systems

Reduce System Maintenance Cost

Reduce Risk of Managing Uncontrolled Data

Achieve Data Integrity


We help customers transform traditional training into a modern learning solution that is agile, social, and personalized for your business.

Our team assists customers in tying their organization learning activities to core business objectives to transform the perception of learning management from a cost center to a key investment. Customers can build a culture that views learning as a high-level strategic value and gain a competitive advantage by increasing workforce knowledge to achieve better results.

Content Management

Rapidly develop content with flexible editing tools, import third-party training content, and support multiple Sharable Content Object Reference Models (SCORM) and Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) standards.

Learning Management

Create, host, manage, and deliver training through a single learning system, personalize learning content to fit the needs of multiple audiences, and provide virtual classroom integration.


Generate additional revenue with built-in e-Commerce functionality, accept payments in US and global currencies, and offer discount codes, coupons, and purchase orders.

Career Development

Provide employees and managers with tools to map employees’ future development, proactively identify and close skill gaps to ensure that you have the right talent in place to achieve business goals, and develop leaders by gaining insight into how current competencies align with future job requirements.


Reduce cost, minimize reconciliation effort, and streamline administration.

Acuity acts as a business partner to help customers reduce payroll costs by implementing a system that provides control over all aspects of payroll operations in a multinational environment, reduces costs by enabling a single rule-based engine for payroll operating under different legislation, minimizes reconciliation effort, and streamlines administration by reducing data entry time.


Increase efficiency in all phases of the talent life cycle including planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation and talent reviews.

Performance Management

Our talent management consultants help customers establish HR processes to align their workforce with their organizational goals and improve organization strategy execution. Our HCM experts help clients improve their performance management processes to enable effective and efficient execution of business strategies.

Goal Management

We lead customers to develop and promote a culture of collaboration through publishing goals to employees which provides visibility to an organization’s strategy. Our team works with customers to enable employee access to development plans, so each employee can track their personal growth and career development, which increases the employee’s overall motivation and job satisfaction.

Talent Review & Succession Management

We assist customers in designing solutions which enable them to retain key talent, quickly locate key talent within the organization who are ready for additional development and assess current talent to identify who might be at risk of leaving and analyze the risks and potential impacts of a possible departure from the organization. Acuity works with our customers to enhance their talent management planning efforts which enables companies to achieve short and long term critical business goals and requirements.


Optimize and compete in an increasingly demanding talent marketplace.

Absence Management

With our help customers can reduce the high costs, risks and productivity effects associated with employee absenteeism and provide full absence visibility for different roles within the organization without compromising individual privacy or company policy concerns.

Advanced Scheduler

Acuity can help our customers increase the productivity and effectiveness of customer service agents, tech support engineers, field service dispatchers, field managers, field office administrators, and even technicians in the field. We help organizations change their business models from decentralized self-scheduling and district office dispatching to centralized, tightly controlled scheduling, dispatch, and work release.


We lead customers in optimizing employees’ performance by implementing a collaborative framework. Employees feel motivated after building a positive image and publicly recognized by advertising their skills set and experience, and managers can assign tasks to the employees based on their skills and experience.

Project Resource Management

Acuity assists customers in managing the capacity and deployment of human capital and assets by finding and deploying the most qualified resources to their global projects which results in improved customer satisfaction, increased utilization, and higher project and enterprise profitability.

Self Service

We work with our customers to motivate employees to update information that is relevant to their career and job duties to achieve data accuracy. Engaging all participants in the human capital business processes online will reduce the cost of exchanging and maintaining employee information.

Time & Labor

Our team works with customers to help them achieve global time and attendance goals, reduce costs associated with time and attendance by fully automating time record keeping, establish better controls to monitor costs and time worked and consolidate time card information to meeting organizational time management policies.

Directory Management

We help customers share information about their organization with employees working across the globe. Workforce Directory Management provides a graphical organizational chart with employees personal and professional details.

Workforce Predictions

We assist customers with analyzing workforce staffing and productivity, and to better design compensation that rewards employees with higher performance by implementing Workforce Predictions.

Transactional Business Intelligence for HCM

Acuity saves customers countless hours for customers by providing them the right information to perform their daily tasks and save their employees from frustration and losing productivity.