Deep functionality with a long-standing reputation.

Oracle Taleo has long been known as a best-of-breed solution for recruiting and onboarding. Offering limitless configuration ability and built for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, Oracle Taleo can allow you to facilitate and optimize processes and set yourself up for data driven analytics for improvement.

women at a computer

Taleo Enterprise Edition for mid and large-scale companies.


A modern, intuitive software experience that drives efficiency, reducing time to fill and bringing the best candidates forward.

Social Sourcing

Branded career portals, campaigns and referral tools help give your organization the recognition it needs to recruit and retain top candidates.

Acuity Social Sourcing

Onboarding & Offboarding

Use flows, forms and emails like never before to create seamless, automated onboarding and offboarding processes to faciliate a multitude of tasks.


A scaleable platform that delivers learning to employees and allows organizations
to perform at their top potential.

Taleo Connect Client

This powerful tool allows data to be integrated into and from Taleo Enterprise.
Reach your data easily with this user friendly tool.

How we can help you.

Having been one of the top Taleo consulting services firms since 2013, we have great experience with Taleo Enterprise Edition by offering a full life cycle offering of services.

Whether you are a small
company or a large global company, we will design an implementation plan to meet
your needs and budget.

We offer health checks to
identify areas in which you can optimize processes to take
full advantage of the
system functionality.

If you need expertise to
support or maintain your
software, our remote administration team will
do the heavy lifting.

We offer both virtual, onsite and
quick job aids as options for
 Administration and End User
Training for all Taleo
Enterprise Edition modules. 

Uncover new insights and make
faster, more informed business
decisions with OBI. Acuity can
help you develop reports or
train your power users.

Do more, technically.

Acuity’s technical consulting team can make Taleo jump.  Our creative solutions and extensive technical experience allows the integration of systems quickly and efficiently. Throughout the years, we’ve developed programs to handle some of the most commonly needed integrations.


We can build integrations, help
you deploy those integrations on
your servers, or ours, and
schedule them to run
without intervention.


Outsource with a full-service
offering that includes
integration hosting,
monitoring, issue identification
and issue remediation. 

Data Migrations
& Decommissioning

Our fixed fee packages include options for tailored integrations, standard integrations and a complete data dump. Our flexible options are sure to fit every need.


Converting data into a PDF
file is popular with our scripts, which allow us to transform your data for easy access and record keeping.


We can design and deploy a database that can be used
for retrieving SQL views,
building reports or retrieving data through a secure tunnel.


We provide private servers
for the hosting of your integrations, data migrations, data conversions and/or data warehouse.