OTAC (Taleo) Performance Management to Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Leverage the advantages of a unified platform with Oracle Talent Management Cloud. The Acuity team has developed a variety of recommendations and considerations to help you with your Talent Management implementation planning cycle:

  • Determine what data is needed to be extracted out of Taleo PM – Performance Review PDFs (most common, start ASAP)
  • Document current processes for Performance Reviews, Goals, and Succession Planning to expedite HCM design process
  • Gather feedback from users, including current painpoints. Design sessions for optimum future setup.
  • Determine if specific elements (i.e. Competencies and Job Roles) need to be exported out of Taleo PM for import into Oracle TM

Need extra support? We offer Taleo PM to Oracle TM Migration Checks to review your platforms and make recommendations for your migration.