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When there isn’t a good solution,
we build one.

Acuity prides itself on finding creative solutions. When we saw an opportunity to supplement the software that we support, we invested. 

TeamTexter 1.0

Gain a competitive advantage over other organizations who aren’t using SMS text to communicate with candidates.  Acuity provides an integrated solution for texting candidates in Taleo Enterprise Edition and Taleo Business Edition. Through our home-grown proprietary APIs and network of tools, organizations can collect opt ins, SMS text through workflows or on-the-fly communications with candidates.

Recruiting text message
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TeamTexter 2.0

TeamTexter 2.0 offers a web application, mobile app and Chrome browser plugin where organizations will be able to use powerful workflows and tools to engage candidates, employees or other groups of people with SMS text.

Text To Apply

Use our intuitive and easy method of allowing candidates to apply for jobs simply by scanning a QR code with their camera on their phone.

TeamTexter QR Code
TeamTexter text message