Whitepaper: How TeamTexter Can Accelerate Your Taleo Recruiting

As companies across different industries adapt to the massive changes soon to come in the jobs market, it is imperative to understand what recruiting strategies work best and have trended upward over time.

Thousands of people who lost their jobs amidst the international COVID-19 crisis are brimming with talent and eager to find their next role – and businesses utilizing agile recruiting practices involving smartphones will have a powerful advantage over competitors when attracting and engaging with top talent.

Texting Benefits

Although a smartphone’s access to an internet connection is useful, it is not how most businesses are successfully reaching people to recruit. Rather, SMS text messaging has consistently outperformed traditional methods such as email and phone messages for recruiting, as nearly 90% of recruiters seek candidates by SMS with an impressive 90% receiving a reply within three minutes (Aim Group).

SMS text messaging is inherent to any cellphone, meaning businesses do not need to worry about people downloading an app. Once applicants opt into receiving text communications, businesses can text candidates to enhance the recruiting experience, share logistics for interviews, follow up on assessment completion and much more.

TeamTexter, a texting service designed for the HR industry, enables both Taleo Business Edition and Taleo Enterprise Edition recruiters to take advantage of this functionality effortlessly within recruiters’ current workflow and with minimal training.

TeamTexter is so user-friendly,” shares Amy Sanders, HR Lead at Automobile Club of Southern California. “The native functionality it has with Taleo makes it easy for our recruiters to learn how to use, and it works so seamlessly in our applicant tracking system—it’s not another add-on our recruiters have to learn, but a tool cohesively built into Taleo.”

– Amy Sanders, HR Lead at Automobile Club of Southern California

The texting solution is flexible to adapt to your recruitment life cycle. During implementation, methods are shared for how to utilize texting services in addition to best practice suggestions based on leading performances in the marketplace. Additionally, all communications for opted-in candidates are stored within the system meeting compliance and security requirements at some organizations.

TeamTexter asks candidates their preferred time zone to receive messages. The system holds any text messages that are outside candidate’s preferred hours until their time zone window begins. There is also the option to add in a delayed texting feature to send texts to a candidate days after the message is created, which can be useful for rejections or workflow dependencies.


The major adoption of smartphone technology has influenced how businesses are reaching people, with over 80% of Americans owning a smartphone and one-in-five adults using a smartphone as their only means to access content online (Pew Research). These numbers have increased over time, and businesses have begun to take advantage of the value in reaching people through smartphones.

“As an example, there was a candidate we were trying to hire who simply wouldn’t respond to any of our recruiter’s emails or phone calls,” Sanders continued. “When one recruiter sent a text through TeamTexter, the candidate immediately called back, and we were able to secure next steps.


Acuity Cloud Solutions is the creator and exclusive implementation partner for TeamTexter, and delivers cost-effective implementations, migrations, upgrades, system administration, training, project management, and value-add support for Taleo, Oracle HCM Cloud and other industry-leading HCM technologies. Drawing from hundreds of successful client engagements in a wide variety of industries, the team delivers best practices and innovative solutions optimized to their highest potential.

“We wanted to implement TeamTexter because of the great relationship we already had with Acuity,” Sanders remarked. “Once TeamTexter was made available, it was a super easy project to get approved. After listening to a brief presentation and sharing it in a slide deck for our leadership team, it was easily accepted. Acuity has done awesome work for us in the past, such as free health checks in our Taleo environment and remote system administration support services.”

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of texting for your recruiting strategy? Contact the Acuity team today for a demo and more information.

Author Tobe Attah is a Consulting Sales Manager at Acuity Cloud Solutions. He has been published across a wide variety of media outlets, including Sports Illustrated, The Cornell Chronicle, ClutchPoints, and many more.

About Acuity Cloud Solutions Acuity Cloud Solutions specializes in delivering HCM cloud solutions, with a focus on Oracle HCM Cloud systems and other industry leading HR technologies. The team boasts over 100 years’ combined experience delivering implementations, migrations, upgrades, system administration, training, support, project management, and delivering value-add solutions to its customers.  Drawing from thousands of successful client engagements in a wide variety of industries, Acuity’s experts deliver best practices and innovative solutions ensuring systems are aligned with business processes, implemented efficiently, and optimized to their highest potential.

TeamTexter Taleo Recruiting whitepaper
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