Year-End Checklist for HR Leaders

year end checklist for HR leaders

We think it’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t run according to anyone’s well thought out plans. As the year wraps up, take comfort in knowing that you and your team managed these time as best as you could with the circumstances presented to you, and that finding ways to celebrate accomplishments over the past year and plan for 2021 is as easy as reviewing the short checklist we’ve created for you:


  • Review past year’s goals, budgets, retention/turnover rates, training and development programs, vendor contracts, etc.
  • Examine policies and procedures, hiring/onboarding/offboarding processes, benefits packages, training programs, employee survey results, and other areas to identify what is working well and opportunities for improvement.


  • Create new year calendars: company-observed holidays, performance reviews, license/certification renewals, compliance training, benefits election, special events, HR initiatives and projects, etc.
  • Update job descriptions, succession plans, policies and procedures, employee handbook, etc.
  • Clean up, purge, and store HR files
  • Research new state and federal labor law updates
  • Ensure employee data is up-to-date and prepare for tax filings
  • Distribute annual notices


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for a printable checklist format.
  • Align and develop short and long-term goals and strategy for new year
  • Review HR trends and new technologies to support strategy. Consider new tools that support: holistic health benefits, easier ways to track employee illness and compliance, better ways to measure and improve diversity, seamless texting solutions for faster hiring, flexible workspaces, employer branding, AI, HR chatbots, and virtual team building to name a few.
  • Assess staffing needs and plan for new hires
  • Evaluate budgets and allocate resources
  • Finalize and communicate annual goals


  • Schedule team meeting to celebrate accomplishments
  • Share performance highlights and recognize team members
  • Show gratitude to your employees, i.e.: small gifts or celebrations and/or internal communication/recognition
  • Acknowledge 2020 was a year full of challenges which has prepared you and your team for a more productive and successful 2021.

If you need support with clean-up, expansion and/or optimizations for your zone, using up this year’s budget for other projects (ie. implementing texting or other new technologies), or planning your 2021 projects and resources, our experienced team is happy to help. Contact us today to get started.

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